Welcome to the official website of the training course "Youthpass: for a better recognition of non formal education".
Here you can find more information about the project supported by italian National Agency under the program Youth in Action.

See you soon in Italy

Staff Work in Progress


Work In Progress -WIP- is a no profit organization created by a group of young people who decided to promote active participation among young people through local and european activities.
WIP promotes youth mobility, active participation through youth exchange programs for young people and between young people from different european Countries. Wip is strongly opposed to discrimination based on race, color, sex, creed, ethnicity or nationality.

Wip supports local initiatives aimed to promote the culture and traditions of Apuliaa and are characterized by constant search for dialogue between cultures and peoples. It allows to develop an awareness of peace, international cooperation and mutual understanding. Wip collaborates with other local groups supporting and informing young people, immigrants and disadvantaged people, helping and encouraging participation in all activities in progress.