Welcome to the official website of the training course "Youthpass: for a better recognition of non formal education".
Here you can find more information about the project supported by italian National Agency under the program Youth in Action.

See you soon in Italy

Staff Work in Progress


In this page every partecipant can introduce him/herself...


  1. So it seems I am the first lucky one:)
    I live in Estonia/Tallinn and I have just finished high-school. I am always up for adventures and meeting new people. I hope this experience will turn out to be an unforgettable one! I cannot wait to meet all of you and spend a gorgeous week!

    Yours sincerely,
    Maarja aka Maasja,

  2. Hello there :)
    I live in Poland, and really very excited abou this whole Lecce course. I study psychology, this was my last year. Truth is - two weeks after this Lecce thing i will have my graduation event :)
    I'm very interested in workshops, training courses - as a trainer and participant - so i hope this week will we great experience.

    Best Regards,
    Pawel Zawadzki

  3. Hy everybody,
    My name is Pal Norbert, I am from Romania and I study law (third year). When I heard about this project I didn't hesitated and I signed up, if it's sponsored by the Commission you can be sure that it will be useful. I am looking forward to meeting everybody! Lecce is a beautiful place, so congratulations for the organisers for their choice!

  4. Hi,
    my name is Amelia and I'm from Poland. I study psychology at University of Warsaw. I hope that workshops in Lecce will provide me with a great experience and that we will have fun together.

    See you soon!